19 Mar 2023

Full-Time Concrete Finisher Supervisor – Baler

BigHire – Posted by JobsTeam Baler, Aurora Province, Philippines

Job Description

As a Concrete Finisher, you’ll be responsible for the smoothing and polishing of concrete highway road surfaces. When it comes to the amount of time an employee devotes to one project, the scope and structure of the project are critical. The choice between pursuing a career in a certain field and expanding out Workers may choose to specialize or broaden their horizons as a project progresses or as workload or seasonality dictates. The nature of their work necessitates this

Job Title : Concrete Finisher Supervisor
Location : Baler, Aurora Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 23.86 per hour.
Company : BigHire
Job Type : Full-Time


  • The responsibilities of the Concrete Finisher include operating machines and doing manual labor in the construction and finishing of concrete surfaces, as well as aiding with other Public Works projects.
  • Equipment maintenance includes regular checks and cleaning, as well as monitoring the operation of the equipment to ensure its efficiency and safety.
  • A variety of documents such as reports or work orders are sent to you for completion; you then process the information and either pass it on or keep it for your records.
  • Manual tasks related with department projects (lifting/moving heavy items, shoveling materials, cleaning up debris/landfill, putting signs, etc.) are performed.
  • Workers, government officials, and the general public communicate by telephone and/or two-way radio; information is sent; and messages are received, relayed, and reacted to by workers, government officials, and the general public.
  • To repair damaged concrete surfaces, a range of various kinds of cementitious materials are used.
  • Compressing concrete using a vibratory machine When fresh concrete is being poured, it is time to install anchor bolts, steel plates, and other structural components. Floats made of sponge rubber or burlap might be utilized for this.
  • The forms that hold the concrete are checked to make sure they are made correctly, and then the forms that hold the concrete are set to the required pitch and depth and aligned.
  • There are a lot of different pieces of equipment, apparatus, and tools needed for this job. jackhammer concrete saw mallet concrete saw mallet concrete saw mallet shovel rake axe jackhammer mallet concrete saw mallet
  • The process of smoothing the top surface of freshly poured concrete floors, walls, ceilings, or pathways. Hardening and sealing compounds are applied to the surface of concrete to cure it.


  • It is necessary to have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication abilities.
  • If you want to work as a bricklayer, you’ll need two years of concrete or bricklaying experience and/or training. You may use any other relevant training and talents to finish the task.
  • Be prepared to be flexible when it comes to summer shifts and extended workweeks (70+ hours a week plus evenings).
  • With help, can lift 50 pounds and carry a minimum of 30 pounds and a maximum of 150 pounds.
  • To guarantee that projects are done correctly, it is necessary to be able to adhere to all safety standards and procedures and to communicate effectively with coworkers and superiors.

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Job Categories: Concrete Finisher. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 26 days.

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