19 Mar 2023

Full-Time Medical technologist medical technician – Hadji Muhtamad

Dandy – Posted by JobsTeam Hadji Muhtamad, Basilan Province, Philippines

Job Description

Lab Technicians help lab workers. Lab Technicians do more jobs over time. Lab technicians examine and supervise procedures for quality assurance. They set up lab equipment and prepare chemical solutions under the supervision of chemists and other team members. They perform tests, evaluate and analyze data, assemble findings, and generate reports.

Job Title : Medical technologist medical technician
Location : Hadji Muhtamad, Basilan Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 24.07 per hour.
Company : Dandy
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Only performs tests of high complexity under the supervision of a technologist, or with the results being reviewed by a manager or supervisor. Identifies crucial, abnormal, and unsatisfactory test findings and ensures that they are followed up on in accordance with the processes that have been established.
  • Make sure that the product goes through the lab work queue in a timely manner, and make sure that you are well aware with the lab scope and all of the accompanying lab paperwork and processes.
  • Performing tasks such as preparing, weighing, and combusting samples, and then providing the findings to scientists working in the laboratory Provide assistance to the personnel of Regulatory Laboratories during the intense setup and spiking phases of laboratory investigations, as well as the following sample processing and analysis phases.
  • Establishes competency and workstation operating requirements to aid in training and orientation of new employees, students, and residents This job oversees and maintains task supplies. Also, it uses cost-effective materials and reagents.
  • Participates in formal and informal assessment and presentation of outcomes and gives suggestions Analyzes findings with little oversight
  • Performs effectively both as a member of a team and on his or her own, maintains cleanliness and the functioning of laboratory equipment, and is able to carry out additional activities as requested.
  • The technician’s main jobs are to make buffers, maintain equipment, take care of the lab as a whole, keep track of common items, and coordinate these tasks with the other technicians.
  • Make and analyze product blends to help with batch adjustments, root cause investigations, or evaluating new products. Use the latest analytical testing methods on materials that are raw, in process, or finished.
  • Ensures that the appropriate safety attitudes, procedures, and housekeeping are maintained on all work programs and performs work in a way that protects themselves, their coworkers, the environment, and the safety of the community.
  • Responsibilities may include chromatography column packing, cycle studies, stability studies, material creation, and some analytical assistance (HPLC, ELISA, SDS-PAGE).


  • a minimum of one to two years of directly relevant work experience, particularly gained in a manufacturing setting, or an equal mix of education and experience, a degree of at least a bachelor’s from an accredited institution or university, preferably in chemistry or a discipline that is very closely linked to it.
  • People often communicate or perform other sensory functions by using their hands and arms. Office employees are often required to stand, move, and sit at their desks. To do their job, a person must routinely lift and/or move up to 25 pounds off the ground.
  • Diploma or GED Preferably 12 semester units in chemistry or bacteriology. One year’s lab tests and analysis
  • Ability to add and subtract two-digit integers, as well as multiply and divide by tens and hundredths. Capability to carry out these procedures utilizing American money and weight measurement units, volume, and distance.
  • Words with two and three syllables, as well as the capacity to recognize the similarities and differences between word and numerical sequences. Communication skills that include writing and speaking in simple terms.

How to Apply

فرص عمل شاغرة اليوم

Job Categories: Lab Technician. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 26 days.

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